Providing public policy, regulatory and communication management

Good governance is not possible in an information vacuum

Government and parliament need information and knowledge to be able to take appropriate and informed decisions

EPPA can ensure that your organisation engages constructively and effectively with all institutions and stakeholders driving or influencing the public policy and law making process relevant to your business or activities


EPPA UK helps businesses and organisations manage their political, regulatory and external relationship needs in the UK and in the EU institutions.

EPPA UK’s public affairs expertise has been developed over the past 20 years working in both London and Brussels for client projects addressing a wide variety of policy issues.

Our network of public affairs advisers across continental Europe also offers our clients the opportunity to understand and influence political and regulatory changes beyond the UK and Brussels.

We take pride in our long-term relationships with our clients which are a testament to our ability to meet their objectives by delivering consistently successful public affairs services.

EPPA UK is a member of the APPC (Association of Professional Political Consultants) and subscribes to the APPC’s code of conduct.

Our services

EPPA UK develops comprehensive public affairs strategies which can be designed to meet single issue objectives or to position your organisation and its needs in the public policy making arena. With our knowledge and our wide network of public affairs specialists we can develop and implement public affairs campaigns in Westminster and the devolved administrations, in Brussels and across Europe.
MonitoringStakeholder mappingInstitutional understandingPolicy analysis, case building and advocacyMedia supportResearchIT support
We monitor the political and regulatory environment to ensure that you are always aware of any relevant political, policy and regulatory developments.
We identify your audience – within the local, national or EU political and regulatory institutions, and among relevant and influential third parties.
We understand the drivers of policy and know the framework in which they operate – the political balance, and the influence of institutions and agencies and external parties such as think tanks, the business community, NGO’s and traditional and social media.
We help you identify and understand the objective and detail of political initiatives; we help you develop persuasive evidence-based argumentation and we help you take your case to your audiences to inform and positively influence the relevant policy and regulatory decisions. Our process will always consider the aims and actions of other parties with the objective to build alliances with organisations with similar views and to understand the motivation and argumentation of those with different goals.
We use public relations and social media when appropriate to enhance the efficacy of your advocacy.
We work with research institutes to ensure your case is supported by evidence-based argumentation.
We specialise in providing technology to support global public affairs and communications campaigns, ranging from campaign specific websites to stakeholder information databases and electronic communication systems.

Our approach

We ensure that our clients’ views and needs are reflected in relevant public policy debates and in the regulated environment. Three elements are central to this process:

Knowledge: we know the UK and EU political processes, the regulated environment and the policy discussions and we understand the plethora of factors which can determine the direction of debate. We know how to develop considered, evidence-based and persuasive messages and we know how to communicate them effectively to the right people at the right time.

Inclusion: we ensure that our clients are a core component of any relevant policy development and law making process by ensuring that they are involved in regular dialogue with relevant audiences long in advance of any decisions being taken.

Trust is integral to the process between us and our clients and between our clients and their public affairs’ audiences. Our task is to ensure that our clients are accepted as a necessary, valued and trusted party in the decision making process.

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Our people

Andrew Turner


Andrew Turner has over 20 years' experience in the provision of successful public affairs services in the UK and the EU for multi-national companies and trade associations covering a wide range of policy areas. These have included managing numerous and long-term projects in the transport, financial service, telecoms, public health, advertising, food manufacturing, chemical and construction sectors.

Mark Christian


Mark Christian is an IT Systems consultant with over 25 years’ experience in the public affairs arena. Mark has been the ICT Director at EPPA since 1989 covering business systems analysis, project management, local area networking, network design and operation, wide area networks and communications, PCs, mini- and mid-range systems management and operation.


Our network of public affairs providers means that we can centrally manage clients’ public affairs’ needs across the EU and also in other major markets world-wide including Russia and China. We work with media and events specialists allowing press and external events to be a seamless component of public affairs programmes and campaigns.